Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing opportunities and support to help people with special needs build great lives.

Community Living Hamilton serves people with special needs by providing them with opportunities and support so they can achieve their goals. We do this by offering programs where they learn new skills that prepare them to join the workforce. We also deliver and facilitate support services that ensure they are integrated into the community and able to build great lives.

Vision Statement

All people with special needs achieve their full potential and are included in our community.

Our vision celebrates diversity and honours human potential. We believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to build a great life – a life that is characterized by fulfillment and contentment. In particular, we believe that people with special needs should be empowered to make their own, unique contributions and that those contributions should be recognized and celebrated. We also believe our community is stronger when everyone is included and when individual needs are supported.

Community Living Hamilton is dedicated to helping people with special needs build great lives. It provides opportunities and support to 1,600 adults and children in the Hamilton region who have diverse abilities. With 330 employees and 100 volunteers, it is the region’s largest service provider for individuals with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome and Autism. We assist our clients every day by empowering them to reach their full potential. Whether it’s living independently or in a group setting, working in competitive employment, or sharing in community activities, we are here to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

G–R–E–A–T Values

G – Growth that exceeds expectations

This value has three dimensions.
1. We value personal growth and support our clients and staff by offering them opportunities to have new experiences and expand their skills. At Community Living Hamilton, we are all life-long learners.
2. We are growing the scope and volume of services we provide. We’re doing this by building capacity and pursuing excellence.
3. We are growing the number and range of partnerships we have – partnerships that enable us to do more for the clients we serve. Those partnerships are with government, other agencies, community organizations, funders and advocacy groups.

R – Respect for all

We have the greatest respect for the people we serve and the people we work with.
That means honouring their abilities, qualities and achievements.

E – Excellence and safety in everything we do

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our work and are continually improving the way we serve our clients and their families.
We also hold ourselves
accountable for maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in all our practices.

A – Abilities first

Above all else, we see people first – we see their abilities first. We believe everyone can make unique contributions to our community and we’re dedicated to enabling and empowering them to do just that.

T – Trust and integrity

We are honoured that our clients and the community trust us, and we are committed to maintaining that trust by demonstrating integrity, transparency and compassion in everything we do.